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①.Chengdu Yagcrystal Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2007.It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, processing and sales of laser crystal materials, laser components and infrared materials. Our company is committed to providing high-quality products and services in the fields of laser technology and infrared applications. We focus on innovation and advanced manufacturing technology and strive to meet the diverse needs of customers in the global market. Our expertise and dedication have made us an industry-leading supplier of cutting-edge solutions for a variety of applications in laser technology and infrared materials.

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Company's Business

The company's business scope includes: research and development, sales and technical services of optoelectronic products; our company can provide customers with supporting products such as laser device crystals and laser devices. Years of production and processing experience can provide customers with more comprehensive technical advice and support.

Main Products

The main products are: Y A G series laser and L N Q-switched crystals; polarizer, narrow band filter, prism, lens, spectroscope and other laser and infrared optical devices, avalanche tube, etc. Among them, concentration gradient crystals, highly doped crystals, high damage resistance detectors, high damage resistance threshold optical devices, 5nm bandwidth narrow filters, etc. are featured products and are widely used.

Company Values

Our company's values are centered on integrity, innovation, collaboration and responsibility.

We uphold integrity, always keep our promises, and build trust with customers, partners and employees. We encourage innovation, constantly pursue excellence, and promote the development of technology and business to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.

We value collaboration, encourage teamwork, share knowledge and resources, and achieve goals together.

 We take responsibility, pay attention to the environment, society and employee well-being, and strive to be a responsible corporate citizen. These values run through our daily work and decision-making, shape our corporate culture, and are the key to our success.

Our Responsibility

Sustainable development: We are committed to promoting sustainable development and reducing our impact on the environment by using environmentally friendly materials and production processes, and promoting the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction. We also actively support and participate in sustainable development projects to ensure that the impact of our operations on the environment and society is minimized.

Environmental protection: We attach great importance to environmental protection and are committed to reducing the discharge of waste and pollutants. We use advanced environmental protection technology and equipment to ensure environmental friendliness in the production process. In addition, we also encourage employees to actively participate in environmental protection activities, raise environmental awareness, and jointly protect our planet, our home.

Strong sense of social responsibility: We are well aware of our social responsibility as a company. We actively participate in community welfare activities and support local education, culture and charity. We encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities and make more contributions to society to achieve our sense of social responsibility.