Eyebrow tattoos, laser hair removal, eyebrow washing,wrinkle removal, laser skin whitening, remove tattoos, correct short-sightedness, cut tissue.
Application of Q switch Nd:YAG laser . The laser wavelength is effective in removing the pigment of the black eyebrow without scar or hair follicle damage. It provides a good treatment for those who ask to remove the wrong eyebrow stripes.
Tattoo removal has always been a problem, even later laser tattoo removal is difficult to easily clean. But that's what happens sometimes. You get it and then you regret it. Recently, there has been a new method of tattoo removal, is the use of a new frequency doubling q switch ndyag laser.New frequency double q switch nd:yag laser can be extremely smooth into the damaged site for treatment. The dye is vaporized and crushed under a powerful laser to make the color of the spines fade. This regression can be seen at the time of treatment. In general, the effect of a single treatment of light spines is obvious, or even completely eliminated, but most usually require multiple treatments.



Laser engraving, laser cutting, laser printing.
In the field of laser processing, laser marking is one of the most widely used technologies. Laser marking technology is the crystallization product of modern high-tech laser technology and computer technology, has been applied to all materials marking, including plastic and rubber, metal, silicon wafer, etc. Laser marking and traditional mechanical engraving, chemical corrosion, screen printing, ink printing and other ways compared, has low cost, high flexibility, can be controlled by computer system, and laser action on the surface of the workpiece marked firm permanent is its outstanding characteristics. The laser labeling system can identify and number a single product for a mass production of the workpiece, and then label the product with a line code or two-dimensional code array, which can very effectively help the implementation of production process control, quality control and prevent counterfeit products. The application scope is very wide, such as electronics industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, medical products, hardware tools, household appliances, daily necessities, label technology, aviation industry, certificate cards, jewelry processing, instruments and advertising signs.


Scientific Research

Laser ranging, laser radar, atmospheric seeing.
In general, most existing laser ranging sensors in automotive collision prevention systems use a laser beam to identify the distance between the vehicle in front or behind the target vehicle in a non-contact manner. When the distance between cars is less than the predetermined safety distance, the car anti-collision system to the car emergency brake, or to the driver issued an alarm, or comprehensive target car speed, car distance, car braking distance, response time, such as instant judgment and response to the car driving, can reduce a lot of traffic accidents. On the highway, its advantages are more obvious.