1064nm Laser Crystal For No-water Cooling And Miniature Laser Systems

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Nd:Ce:YAG is an excellent laser material used for no-water cooling  and miniature laser systems. Nd,Ce: YAG laser rods are the most ideal working materials for low repetition rate air-cooled lasers.

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They have the characteristics of high efficiency, low threshold, anti ultraviolet radiation and good repetition rate characteristics. The Nd,Ce: YAG laser rods produced by our company have reached the international advanced level. It is suitable for a variety of working modes (pulse, Q-switch, mode locking).

Double-doped Nd,Ce:YAG crystals have the advantages of higher output energy and lower laser oscillation threshold than traditional Nd:YAG crystals. In recent years, with the development of high energy efficiency solid state lasers, the demand for large size and high quality Nd,Ce:YAG crystals is increasing.

When the large size Nd,Ce:YAG is grown by pulling method, the inclusion and cracking defects are easy to occur. In this paper, the reasons for the defects in the crystal growth process were analyzed by combining theory with practice, and the solution was put forward.

The high quality Nd,Ce:YAG single crystal with diameter of φ50 mm and diameter of 150 mm was successfully grown. This study can provide direction and guidance for the quality improvement of mass grown Nd,Ce:YAG crystals.

Advantages Of Nd,Ce:YAG

● High efficiency
● Low threshold
● High optical quality
● Good anti-UV irradiation property;
● Good thermal stability

Technical Parameters

Chemical formula Nd3+:Ce3+:Y3Al5O12
Crystal Structure Cubic
Lattice Parameters 12.01A
Melting Point 1970 ℃
Moh Hardness 8.5
Density 4.56±0.04g/cm3
Specific Heat (0-20) 0.59J/g.cm3
Modulus of Elasticity 310GPa
Young's Modulus 3.17×104Kg/mm2
Poisson Ratio 0.3(est.)
Tensile Strength 0.13~0.26GPa
Thermal Expansion Coefficient [100]:8.2 × 10-6/ ℃
[110]:7.7 × 10-6/ ℃
[111]:7.8 × 10-6/ ℃
Thermal Conductivity 14W/m/K(at 25 ℃ )
Thermal Optical Coefficient (dn/dT) 7.3×10-6/ ℃
Thermal Shock Resistance 790W/m

Laser Properties

Laser Transition 4F3/2 --> 4I11/2
Laser Wavelength 1.064μm
Photon Energy 1.86×10-19J at 1.064μm
Emission Linewidth 4.5A at 1.064μm
Emission Cross
Fluorescence Lifetime 230μs
Index of Refraction 1.8197@1064nm

Technical Parameters

Product Name Nd,Ce:YAG
Dopant concentration, at.% 0.1-2.5%
orientation within 5°
Flatness < λ/10
Parallelism ≤ 10"
Perpendicularity ≤ 5 ′
Surface quality 10-5 per scratch-dig MIL-O-13830A
Optical Quality Interference fringes
≤ 0. 25λ /inch
Extinction ration ≥ 30dB
Size Diameter:3~8mm; Length:40~80mm
Dimensional tolerances Diameter+0.000"/-0.05";
Length ±0.5";
Chamfer: 0.07+0.005/-0.00" at 45°
AR Coating Reflectivity ≤ 0.2% (@1064nm)
  1. Some casual size in industry area  :5*85mm,6*105mm,6*120mm,7*105mm,7*110mm,7*145mm etc.
  2. Or you can customize other size (it is better that you can send me the drawings )
  3. You can customize the coatings on the two end faces.

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